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Menstrual Cup Awareness Patch


Say goodbye to tampons forever & spread awareness on the safest & most eco-friendly feminine hygiene product! This iron-on patch is made in house & is embroidered with red & black satin thread on a pink fleece fabric. This easily irons on to almost anything to show support to the menstrual cup gang. Made to order! Measures approximately 4in.

My Story:
Since 2015, I have switched my period regimen to strictly the menstrual cup & can't imagine ever going back to tampons. This transition has completely changed my outlook on feminine products and has made me extremely passionate about spreading the word. Although menstrual cups may seem strange at first, it is by far the safest, most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free alternative to traditional menstrual options. I am constantly sharing my experience in aspiration to get people to make the switch and hope you'll wear your cup patch proudly! Below are some research-proven facts, as well as links to help you shop and get information!


  • One cup is reusable for up to five years or more
  • Cups hold 4-8x more fluid than tampons
  • Unlike tampons and pads, cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it
  • You can safely leave your menstrual cup in for up to 12 hours
  • The average woman will use between 11,000-17,000 tampons in their lifetime (300+ lbs of waste)
  • The FDA has declared menstrual cups safe to use after reviewing various research studies
  • No health risks were associated with the use of menstrual cups
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome is a potentially fatal bacterial illness associated primarily with the use of superabsorbent tampons
  • As of 1983, 1,517 tampon-related cases of TSS had been reported to the CDC


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